Double Wall Corrugated, DWC Pipe, DWC Duct

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STIPL - Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) Pipe / Duct has the following application in Telecom & Electrical Networks :-
Telecom lt used as the main duct in main-duct / sub-duct network design.
  • Protection of ducts and optics fiber cables in city networks.
  • Casing of all type copper / aluminium, armored and un-armored cables.
  • Used as a casing duct for simultaneous placement of quad cables and optic fiber cables along railway tracks.
A. Protective casing of cables pole to pole application :-
  • Street lighting
  • Metro railway track lighting
B. Protective casing application of power cables / ducts / optic fiber cables :-
Double Wall Corrugated Ducts
  • In city distribution networks
  • Along railway tracks
  • Traffic control
  • Signaling systems, control wires
  • Water supply, gas supply
  • Power supply
  • Communication systems
  • Municipal utilities
  • Sewerage control systems
  • Across rivers
  • At road crossings application
  • Areas with high traffic density
  • Sensor systems
  • Protective pipes for mains connections
  • High and low voltage lines
  • Telephone lines, cable TV lines
  • Street lighting, street marking
  • Agriculture Irrigation

Advantages due to Double Wall Corrugation

  • Saves in raw material
  • Smooth inner wall, hence minimum
    friction loss
  • Moderate flexibility takes care of
    soil settlement if any
  • Not brittle hence never cracks or
    split as compared to other options
  • Excellent ring stiffness hence structurally strong
  • Even when bent, the roundness of pipe is retained
  • Takes heavy earth loads under roads, trench and train
  • Light in weight hence saves on transportation
  • Retains its roundness and shape when loads are relaxed.
  • Very easy jointing

UV Properties
Anti Rodent or Rodreplelancy Properties - To avoid rodent attacks On Demand
Anti Termite properties - To avoid termite attacks On Demand
Non Flame Propagating Properties - Protection with resistance to flame propagating On Demand


Properties STIPL (HDPE Duct) Metallic Duct (GI) RCC Duct
Durability Very Long life of more than 50 years Less than 10 years Between 5 to 10 years
Compression Ability High Compression ability, regains its original shape on over loading Low Compression ability, deforms permanently on over loading No Compression ability, Cracks on over loading
Impact Resistance High Impact Resistance Low Impact Resistance No Resistance
Flexibility Highly Flexible Rigid, Cannot be bent Rigid, Cannot be bent
Chemical Resistance Very High Resistance to Acid & Moisture, highly suitable for use in high corrosion prone/coastal areas Very Low Resistance to Acids & Moisture hence requires frequent replacement in high corrosion prone / coastal area. No Resistance
Transportation & Handling Light Weight, Available in desired length of coil & pushfit coupler jointing hence economical in transportation & installation Very Heavy, Available only in straight length of 6 mtrs. & jointing by special welding process hence high installation cost. Very Heavy, Available only in straight length of 2 mtrs. max & jointing by special process hence high installation cost.

STIPL Double Wall Corrugated (DWC) Ducts for Ducts for Telecom / Railway / Road or similar applications applications are manufactured in accordance to relevant national & international standards like:

IS 14930 - Part 2, BS EN 50086 - 1 & BS EN 50086-2-4, IEC 61386 and TEC spacification GR/DWC-34/01 Sep. 2007. - (ON DEMAND)

Quality Control & Testing
Every DWC duct undergoes extensive testing & inspection at STIPL's in-house laboratory & no duct leaves the works without the seal of approval from quality control team. The tests carried out are as follows:

S. No. Test Specification
1. Visual Appearance Inside surface should be smooth & No internal or external discolorations
2. Compression Strength When reaching the deflection of 5% the applied force shall be at least 450N. After the test, there shall be no crack allowing the ingress of light or water b/w the inside and outside.
3. Impact Test 5 kgs, load is dropped from 400mm height , No cracks / split
4. Bend Test During the test samples shall not flatten. bend the sample & pass a ball (95% of ID) through the bent sample.
5. Colour Both outer & inner wall in same colour (Black/Orange) or in any colour of the same material.
6. Tensile Strength Min. 500 N
7. Resistance to Flame Propagation Combustion stops within 30 sec. from removal of Flame.
8. External Influences Resistance to external influences of min. requirement IP-30, IP-67


S. No. Duct Size(mm) Nominal O.D (mm) Nominal I.D.(mm)
1. 63/51 63 51
2. 75/63 75 63
3. 90/75 90 75
4. 110/95 110 95
5. 120/103.5 120 103.5
6. 160/135 160 135
7. 200/175 200 175
Note :-
Colour : DWC Duct / Pipe may be supplied in any colour as per customers requirment.
Others sizes can be customized as per design requirement.

STIPL Couplers
STIPL snapfit Coupler are available in the following options:
-> Simple Fit Coupler
-> Simple Fit Coupler with O-Ring

STIPL End Caps / End Plugs
STIPL End Caps / End Plugs available in the following options :
-> Simple Fit End Cap / End Plug
-> Simple Fit End Cap With O-Ring

STIPL Spacer
-> STIPL Spacer are available On Demand

Other Variant :-
Half-Split duct /pipe (HF): HF ducts are double wall corrugated ducts / pipe half-split from center i.e. along the diameter.

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