Single Wall Corrugated, SWC Pipe, SWC Duct, HDPE Corrugated Sheathing Duct

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HDPE Corrugated Ducts for Pre Stressing & Post Tensioning Tendons


HDPE Single Wall Corrugated (SWC) Sheeting Ducts are widely used in construction of Highway, Railway, Bridges, Buildings etc. For post tensioned pre-stressed concrete structures. The HDPE ducts are more advantageous & popular for use with curved structures. Use of HDPE Ducts are recommended in high corrosion prone areas and best alternative to conventional metallic sheeting ducts.

STIPL HDPE Single Wall Corrugated (SWC) Sheathing Duct has unique application in the field of internal bonded post-tensioning of tendons in prestressed concrete, bridge construction projects such as :
  • Protection of ducts and optics fiber cables in city networks
  • Casing of copper/aluminium cables.


A. Protective casing of cables pole to pole application :-

  • Street lighting
  • Metro railway track lighting


B. Protective casing application of power cables / ducts / optic fiber cables :-

  • Traffic Control
  • Control Wire
  • Power Suppliy
  • Communication Systems
  • Multiple Utilities
  • Flyovers
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Under Passes
  • Road Culverts
  • Parking Lot
  • Airport Runways
  • Sewers
  • Pedestrian Bridges for Parks & Side Walks
  • Farm Pond Water Transfer
  • Brine Water Treatment
  • Areas with high traffic density
  • Sensor Systems
  • High & Low Voltage Line
  • Telephone lines, cable TV lines
  • Street lighting, street marking
  • Bridges
  • Nuclear Reactors
  • Tunnel Pipelines
  • Highway Slope & Edge Drains
  • Storm Drains
  • Flood Controls
  • Golf Course Storm
  • Foundation Gutter
  • Car Wash Treatment Retention Beds


  • Corrosion protection
  • Helps electrical monitoring of tendors
  • Good wheathering resistance
  • Good compact and compression strength
  • Good bond with concrete
  • Joining very easy
  • Speedy installation due to fever joints
  • Enhance fatigue life of tendons
  • Chemically inert
  • Environment friendly
  • High Stifness and flexibility
  • Even when bent cross section of the duct retains 
    its circularity
  • Wobble Coefficient observed k=0.00116/m
  • Friction Coefficient observed µ= 0.068


Properties STIPL HDPE Corrugated Sheathing Metallic Corrugated Sheathing
Corrosion Resistance Non Corrosive Ducts with very high corrosion protection for prestressing tendons. Highly prone to corrosion. Even after galvanizing or lead coating the protection level is negligible in comparison to HDPE.
Friction Coefficient 0.1 - 0.15 Galvanized Meatal Sheathing -0.2, Bright Metal - 0.25
Wobble Coefficient 0.002 Galvanized Meatal Sheathing -0.0030, Bright Metal - 0.0046
Deformation Regains its original shape Permanent Deformation
Flexibility Inner cross section remains circular even when bent. Inner cross section becomes oval when bent.
Water Tight Joining Easy coupling by snap or heat shrink coupler or can be welded with eelctro fushion to give leak proof joints Coupling by threaded couplers requires adhesive sealing. Highly unreliable techniques.
Packing & Transportation Available in desired lengths of coils hence economical in installation, storage & transportation. Only in straight length of 6 mtrs.

STIPL HDPE corrugated ducts meet the specifications as per
» Fib Bulletin 7: 2000
» IRC: 18-2000
» IRS Concrete Bridge Code-1997(Addendum and Corrigendum Slip No. 5)
» NPCIL: PP/M/1721.

Quality Control
STIPL is equipped with in-house testing lab with sophisticated instruments to test raw material and finished products.

a) Raw Material Test :

  • MFI
  • Density
  • Tensile
  • Carbon Black Content (UV)
  • Yield Stress
  • Shore D
  • Notch Impact Strength

b) Test on Duct  :

  • Flexural Behaviour
  • Lateral Load Resistance (Transverse Load rating Test)
  • Longitudinal Load Resistance (Tension load test)
  • Dimensions
  • Flexibility (Workability Test)
  • Leak Tightness (Water Loss Test)
  • Flexural Behavior

c) Type / System approval test  :

  • Wear Resistance
  • Bond Behaviour
  • Friction parameters means establishing the values of wobble (k) & friction ().

HDPE Material Properties
Meltflow Index (15) ASTM D 1238 1.0gm/10min
Density(IS 2530) 0.94-0.96 g/ cm3 at 23° C
Tensile strength at Yeild (BS EN ISO 527-3) 20-26 N/mm2
Shore Hardness D (BS EN ISO 2039-1) 3 sec. - 60min.
15 sec.- 58min
Elongation at yeild (BS EN ISO 527-3) 7% minimum
Charpy impact strength of notched specimen at 23° C (BS EN ISO 179)
Charpy impact strength of notched specimen at -40° C (BS EN ISO 179)

Coefficient of thermal expansion for 20° C - 80° C 1.5x104 kj/m

Methods for Jointing
» Jointing with butt welding » Snapfit couplers » Grout vent
» Heat shrink sleeves » Split couplers » End plugs

Vital Testing Parameters
» Raw material tests
» Flexural behaviour
» Lateral load resistance
» Longitudinal load resistances
» Bond behaviour
» Dimensions
» Flexibility
» Leak tightness
» Wear resistance
» Friction parameters
Easy Jointing & Speedy Installations
HDPE sheathing in coils requires fewer joints than conventional sheething . Its light weight reduces the need for manpower and heavy equipment handling. Total installation time can be reduced considerably

Dimension Deatils of STIPL HDPE Corrugated Sheathing Ducts
S. No. Duct Size(mm) Nominal O.D (mm) Nominal I.D.(mm) Wall Thickness(mm)
1. 63/51 63 51 2.3STIPL0.3
2. 75/63 75 63 2.3STIPL0.3
3. 90/75 90 75 2.3STIPL0.3
4. 120/103.5 120 103.5 2.3STIPL0.3
5. 160/135 160 135 2.3STIPL0.3
6. 200/175 200 175 2.3STIPL0.3
Note :-
Colour : SWC Duct / Pipe may be supplied in any colour as per customers requirment.
Others sizes can be customized as per design requirement.


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